finds the best health products in every category. So how do we come up with the rankings?

It’s actually a pretty simple process…

Starting with the category topic, our team of researchers scour the internet to break down the benefits, side effects, and pros and cons of the topic at hand. As far as the research goes, our team strives to stay away from suspect “anonymous” sources. Instead, we find our information using trustworthy educational websites (.edu) and government resource pages (.gov).

We combine the information found by our research team with the knowledge and opinions of our expert panel to compile an ultimate list of the best products in each particular category.

This unique two-part process of producing our content is what separates from other “review” type websites – it’s kind of like writing a paper for a college class and being able to have your professor add their input and implement the final touches.

We like to think our rankings process is hands-down, the most accurate way to break down the best health products on the market.

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