Fiber is one of the most overlooked aspects of health, but it’s one of the most important. This is where a fiber supplement comes in handy.

Eating real plants is the best way to keep up your fiber intake…but this is easier said than done.

Not everyone has the time and resources to shop for fresh produce and take the time to prepare nutritious meals. Fiber supplements can solve this.

Fiber supplements are a quick and easy way to ensure you are getting more than enough of your daily recommended fiber quota.

How do fiber supplements work and are they worth all they hype?

We’ll cover this in a minute, along with possible side effects and details on how to properly take a fiber supplement.

Before we get there, we’ve ranked the best fiber supplements, according to price, product quality, and customer reviews.

So whats the #1 best fiber supplement in 2020?

1- NOW Foods Psyllium Husk Caps


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NOW Foods Psyllium Husk Caps is a fiber supplement from an incredible natural source known for its numerous health benefits, making it our #1 recommended fiber supplement. It’s also loaded with calcium and iron, providing additional nutritional support.

This fiber supplement contains a whopping 6.7 g of dietary fiber per serving and acts as a powerful source of soluble fiber which promotes the movement in your digestive system and increases stool bulk, benefitting especially those who struggle with irregular stools or constipation.

NOW Foods Psyllium Husk is the #1 best selling fiber supplement on

And the reviews? Off the charts.

Safe to say the product is legit? I’d say so.

Not the cheapest fiber supplement on the market, but if you are looking for premium quality this is one of the top fiber supplements available.

Take 3 capsules for a single serving, 166 servings per bottle (500 mg of natural soluble fiber and just 6 calories per serving).

2- Optimum Nutrition FITNESS FIBER


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Fitness Fiber is manufactured by the world’s most popular manufacturer of supplements, Optimum Nutrition. It contains 5g of dietary fiber per serving and contains six types of fiber and gum, making it one of the most affordable fiber supplements on the market.

It’s fat-free, unflavored and contains just 10 calories per serving.

Fitness Fiber is one of the most convenient sources of fiber for athletes that maintain a high protein diet. You can easily add it to your drinks, protein shakes, or meals/meal replacement shakes to help you meet your daily fiber quota.

3- Garden of Life RAW Fiber


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Garden of Life Super RAW fiber is a dietary supplement that has more greens per serving than most leading fiber supplements. Containing 15+ organic superfoods, this is one of the most overall nutritious supplements on the market (you check out more organic superfood blends here).

What’s so special about RAW fiber? Here’s what the company has to say:

  • VEGAN FIBER: Our RAW fiber contains 9g of fiber per serving (36% DV) along with 7 grams of protein, probiotics, and omega 3 fatty acids for overall health.
  • SUPERFOOD FIBER: RAW fiber is made with 15 RAW organic superfoods, including sprouted seeds, grains and legumes.
  • CONSTIPATION RELIEF: Supports gut health, regular bowel function, cardiovascular function, and overall health.
  • TOXIN ELIMINATION: Supports the healthy elimination of toxins while maintaining healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels that are already in the normal range.
  • ORGANIC FIBER: RAW, Certified USDA Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Psyllium Free with No Fillers, No Isolates, No Synthetic Nutrients, No Artificial Sweeteners, and No Preservatives.

It contains antioxidant green grasses, sea vegetables, micro-algae, whole vegetables and their grains, juices, seeds and legumes which are specifically chosen for their ability to support normal gut balance, regular bowel movement and overall health.

The supplement contains 7g of dietary fiber and 2.5g of healthy fatty acids per serving. 

4- Benefiber Fiber Supplement Powder


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Benefiber is one of the most well-known brands in the fiber supplement industry. Their fiber supplement powder is clear, taste-free, and completely dissolvable in any liquid.

It’s 100% natural, gluten-free, sugar-free, and non-thickening, making it great for dieters of all types.

Benefiber also contains wheat dextrin which is a natural prebiotic (not to be confused with probiotics) fiber that supports your digestive system’s good microflora and overall digestive health. This is one of the biggest advantages that Benefiber has over other leading fiber supplements.

It comes in sizes of 38 (5.4 oz.), 62 (8.7 oz.), 125 (17.6 oz.), and 190 (26.8 oz.) servings, and stick packs for a convenient on-the-go fiber solution.

5- NOW Foods Fiber-3


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Fiber-3 is another fiber supplement manufactured by NOW Foods that includes both insoluble and soluble fiber sources for more health benefits and antioxidant properties.

This supplement combines fibers from certified organic Golden Flax Seed Meal, Acacia, and Inulin to help you increase your fiber intake. Golden Flax Seed contains both soluble and insoluble fibers as well as lignans that act as antioxidants.

Here’s what the company has to say:

“Acacia is rich in soluble fiber that can help to control gas and bloating associated with high fiber intake in some individuals and Inulin acts as a prebiotic, providing food for friendly intestinal bacteria. The properties of the three fiber sources combined in NOW® Fiber-3™ work together to support and maintain healthy intestinal flora and regularity.”

This fiber supplement also contains 4g of healthy fatty acids and 7g of dietary fiber per serving.

Serving Size: 2 1/2 Tablespoons (17 g), 26 servings in the container. 

What are fiber supplements?

Fiber is the most essential component in maintaining a healthy digestive system in your body.

Aside from this, it also helps control your blood sugar levels, improves skin health, provides relief from irritable bowel syndrome, and lowers the risk of hemorrhoids.

Increasing the amount of fiber that you consume daily can sometimes be hard to do (1). Buying fresh produce and preparing meals can be exhausting. Fiber supplements are the most convenient and cost-effective way of increasing the amount of extra fiber that your body needs.

According to the Institute of Medicine, men ages 50 and younger should consume over 38 grams of fiber every day and men ages 51 and older should have over 30 grams. Women ages 50 and younger should have 25 grams of fiber per day while older women only need to consume just 21 grams per day (2).

Fiber supplements can help you get the fiber your body needs for optimum digestive health and.

How do fiber supplements work?

Fiber supplements primarily consist of natural polysaccharides (e.g. psyllium) and semisynthetic or synthetic polysaccharides. They work by increasing the water content and volume of the stool.

This action stimulates peristalsis which is the contraction of muscles in the digestive tract, decreases transit time of the colon, and improves consistency of the stool.

Taking a daily fiber supplement ensures that you are getting enough fiber for a high functioning digestive system.

What are the side effects?

Common side effects of taking fiber supplements may include bloating, abdominal cramping, flatulence, and abdominal distension.

There have also been some reports of allergic reaction. You should start with a smaller dose and slowly increase the amount with time. It’s also important that you increase your water intake when introducing fiber supplements to avoid adverse side effects.

To avoid having it lodge and swell in your throat, which could result in choking, make sure you take fiber supplements with at least a full glass of water or other liquid.

Serious allergic reactions to fiber supplements are extremely rare. If you are experiencing symptoms of a serious allergic reaction, such as itching or swelling, rash, trouble breathing and severe dizziness, you should seek medical attention immediately.

How to take fiber supplements

Like any over-the-counter health supplement (joint support, prenatal vitamins, or nootropics, just to name a few), you should make sure to follow the directions on product package, unless your doctor gives you specific instructions otherwise.  

If the supplement comes in a powder form, make sure that you measure each dose out according to the directions found on the product label.

Don’t just eyeball it!

Mix in a full glass of water or other liquid, stir well and drink it right away. The dosage of fiber supplement is based on your age, medical condition and response to treatment.

Take this supplement at least 2 hours from your other medications, as fiber supplements sometimes decrease the absorption of other medications. 

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