We’re back with a new and improved rankings for the best chamomile supplements on the market (2020 Approved).

Chamomile tea is a popular beverage that is used by many for its soothing and calming effects, and chamomile supplements take it to a whole new level. 

People have enjoyed the benefits of chamomile for more than 2,000 years.

The herb has been used for both medical and cosmetic reasons – Germans used chamomile to relieve stomach issues since the first century and Egyptian nobility were known to crush the flowers and apply them to their skin to slow the early signs of aging.

While many people may be aware of these helpful benefits to this common tea, there are also many other advantages to this flowering herb that you may not be aware of, such as its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties.

What makes chamomile so special?

We’ll cover all the benefits along with the side effects and recommended dosage instructions. But first, we’ve ranked the top 5 chamomile teas on the market according to price, product quality and reviews.

So what’s the best chamomile supplement on the market?

And the winner is…

1- Nature’s Way Chamomile

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Sourcing premium chamomile grown in the hills of Germany, Nature’s Way offers the best all-around chamomile supplement on the market.

With 350 mg of chamomile flower per capsule, it’s one of the most potent chamomile products in capsule form, and it’s relatively inexpensive. It’s also a best-seller on Amazon.

What’s so special about German chamomile? Here’s what the manufacturer has to say:

“Nature’s Way uses German Chamomile since it contains the highest amount of active components.”

People like taking this supplement for relaxation, improved sleep, and even to combat hay fever and pollen allergies.

Serving size: 2 capsules – 50 servings in the container.

2- Solaray Chamomile

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One of the cheapest chamomile supplements on the market, you can’t beat the price for 350 mg of chamomile flower per capsule.

This product helps to maintain digestive health, calm breathing issues, and promote relaxation and rest.

The manufacturer sands 100% behind their product. In fact, they guarantee that no ingredients, other than the ones they list, have been added to the product.

Serving size: 1 capsule – 100 servings total in the container.

3- Aviano Botanicals Chamomile

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Essential oil enthusiasts – this is the product for you.

100% pure undiluted Roman chamomile oil.

The manufacturer uses a unique steam extraction process to harvest the oil. Here’s how they explain it:

“Avíanō Botanicals chamomile oil is an extract of the leaves and flowers of the Chamaemelum nobile by steam distillation. By using Roman chamomile and careful methods, we can create oil that delivers superior therapeutic benefits.”

The convenience of the essential oil means you can use chamomile for face, hair, and skin appearance, for aromatherapy, as a massage oil,  as a body moisturizer, or to scent and sooth your baby’s bath.

4- U.S. Wellness Naturals Chamomile

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This chamomile product is a pure 100% certified organic tea made with flowers sourced from Egyptian Al-Fayyam planes which are known to be rich in essential oils.

Here’s what the manufacturer has to say about what separates their product from their competition:

“We have had out own representative to travel to Egypt and personally meet the farmers, processors and exporters. The goal is REPRODUCIBLE QUALITY.

We ensured that all NOP certificates are up to date and we visited the fields where the crops have been growing. Not many companies in USA have the same level of commitment or the results. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Free of pesticides and herbicides and this product is packaged in the USA.

Comes in a large 1 lb bag so you have enough flowers to make tea, extract, or essential oils with it.

5- Vitacost Chamomile

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This product is 100% free from milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish, soy, gluten, and titanium dioxide.

Made with flowering tops of the German kind of chamomile, this is one of the most potent chamomile supplements on the market at 900 mg per serving.

This supplement can be taken to improve skin, digestive health, or sleep.

  900 mg of chamomile per 2 capsule serving – 60 servings in the bottle.

What is chamomile?

Chamomile is an herb that has been used for hundreds of years. In the US, it is most commonly used as a tea to treat upset stomach or help with sleep issues and relaxation (similar to the effects of kava).

But in other parts of the world, chamomile is used for many reasons. There are two types of the herb which are used for medicinal purposes – German Chamomile and Roman Chamomile.

German Chamomile is commercially used most often. A German government organization recently approved the use of this form of chamomile to use topically on the skin to fight off bacteria and reduce swelling. It is also used as a tea or dietary supplement for treatment of stomach cramps.

Chamomile can be purchased as dried flower heads, as infusion or tea (similar to organic matcha green tea), in a liquid extract form, tinctures, and in creams or medicated ointments.

How do chamomile supplements work?

Chamomile contains vital antioxidants that are found inside the plant’s potent oils. These are the primary factors in the natural healing properties of the herb.

Chamomile plants are part of the Asteraceae/Compositae family which include both German and Roman chamomile. Tea and extracts from the herb are sold all throughout the world prepared from dried flowers of the Matricaria species.

What are the benefits of chamomile?

Chamomile tea may be widely known for eliminating sleep problems and calming the stomach, but there are many other advantages to adding this herb to your daily supplements.

  • A Powerful Source of Antioxidants

The antioxidants found in chamomile are from the terpenoid group of antioxidants. These help to improve the function of the immune system (like probiotics), lower the effects of mood disorders, reduce pain, eliminate swelling, and improve the overall health of the user’s hair, skin, and teeth.

These antioxidants can also help to decrease inflammation as well as prevent cell mutation.

  • Treats Anxiety and Depression

Chamomile, regardless of its form, is one of the best herbs available to treat stress and promote relaxation. This information is based on results from recent studies [1]. Chamomile vapors can also be inhaled using essential oils.

This is often recommended as a remedy for anxiety that is a natural alternative to prescription drugs. Therefore, we find chamomile in so many aromatherapy products and bath treatments.

When in extract form, chamomile is used often as a mile sedative to calm the nerves and eliminate feelings of anxiety. That’s because the vapors travel directly to the brain. They help to turn off tension and reduce the body’s stress response.

There are several practitioners who use chamomile as an effective treatment to relieve the symptoms of chronic anxiety, hysteria, nightmares, and insomnia [2].

  • Promotes Digestive Health

Chamomile can be used to improve gastrointestinal health. It can relax the digestive system and relieve crams, indigestion, acid reflux, nausea, and vomiting. The extract has been used for many years to treat symptoms of diarrhea and colic in children. It contains anodyne compounds that are anti-spasmodic which help to reduce constipation and stomach pains.

Many of the benefits that we receive from taking chamomile come from the natural relaxing effects of the herb. Since our brain and gut communicate with one another using the vagus nerve, when the mind is relaxed it can also help to calm the gut. This means that chamomile can help with issues such as leaky gut or IBS.

  • Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Relief Abilities

Chamomile is referred to as the herbal aspirin because it has been used as a home remedy for pain relief for hundreds of years. The flowers are used in combination with anti-inflammatory foods to help eliminate pain, swelling, congestion, and redness (turmeric is another powerful natural anti-inflammatory).

The herb is effective at reducing skin irritation, facial swelling, toothaches, infection pain and other issues caused by inflammation. Therefore, we find chamomile in so many health and beauty products such as lotions, toothpaste and bath soap [3].

Chamomile can also be helpful in alleviating pain associated with arthritis, backpain, injuries, and fever.

Experts believe that it is safe to use during pregnancy, and can help with the aches and pains experienced before and after childbirth. Chamomile tea is often given to women after labor to help them rest and relax their abdominal muscles.

  • Could Help Fight Cancer

Several studies have considered the anti-cancer effects of chamomile. Evidence shows positive effects of chamomile preventing cancerous cells from forming. It also acts as a natural cancer treatment.

The antioxidants present in chamomile are believed to be responsible for the prevention of cancerous cell growth. The antioxidant known as apigenin features bioactive constituents that help fight prostate, skin, breast, and ovarian cancer [4].

  • Relieves Congestion

Chamomile is effective in fighting infections and can also be useful in reducing congestion. It is added to several types of nasal sprays today for that reason. The tea is also a great remedy when you want to beat the symptoms of the common cold or a sinus infection.

Studies show that inhaling steam from chamomile extract can also be useful. Some users will also gargle chamomile tea or extract to fight inflammation in the mucous membranes while they have a cold.

  • Improves Skin Health

Chamomile oil mixed with lotion as a base can help those dealing with breakouts, dry, or irritated skin. The herb can promote smooth, healthy, and younger looking skin (just like coconut oil) and it also relieves painful irritation and redness. That is because of the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial factors in the herb.

The flavonoids and essential oils in chamomile go below the surface of the skin to help preserve a youthful glow and provide immune defense. Chamomile has been used in traditional medicine to treat all types of skin conditions such as eczema, gout, bruises, burns and canker sores [5].

What are the side effects of chamomile?

Chamomile is safe to use, however the pollen found in it could cause allergic reactions for some users. Anyone who is allergic to ragweed pollen may not be able to use chamomile. The herb is also known to interfere with anticoagulants (blood thinners).

Since chamomile is a dietary supplement, it isn’t regulated by the FDA in the same way that medication is. Therefore, a dietary supplement can be sold with limited or no research on its effectiveness. Keep this in mind when taking chamomile or any other dietary supplements.

How do you take chamomile supplements?

Chamomile is available to use in various forms. It is most commonly used as a tea, but it can also be purchased as an essential oil, dry powder, or tincture. The type of that you buy depends on how you intend to use it.

Dry powder and extract from chamomile flowers are often recommended because they are the most potent forms of the herb. If you purchase chamomile powder, be sure to look for the kind made from pure chamomile flower leaves as this is where the oils are held.

Chamomile tea is the most popular way to get the most out of the herb’s calming effects. It can be purchased at grocery stores and pharmacies anywhere. Be sure to look for organic pure tea leaves to get the best benefit.

Since chamomile oils aren’t water soluble, the tea won’t have the strong effect that chamomile essential oils, powders, or tinctures will. However, the tea can still help you relax and soothe your stomach.


Chamomile is available in many forms, although most people are familiar with the herbal tea. This flowering herb can be used to soothe the stomach, reduce pain and inflammation, and treat anxiety.

The herb may be used as a tea, tincture, essential oil, or powder. When purchasing a chamomile product, it is best to look for those that contain organic flower leaves for best results.

Chamomile is safe to use and is even recommended for use by pregnant women before and after childbirth. One of the few precautions states that those who have severe allergic reactions to ragweed pollen shouldn’t use the herb.

Otherwise, it is safe for most individuals to use as needed. Recent studies have shown that Chamomile is effective in relieving various types of illnesses and may even help to treat diseases such as prostate or breast cancer.

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