The Top 5 Nootropic Supplements [2020 Update]

It’s no secret anymore, nootropics really do work and help improve brain function.

A lot has changed over the years so we came up with an updated “2020 friendly” version of the top nootropics on the market.

Nootropic supplements, also known as smart drugs, are supplements for your brain that help boost your memory, focus, energy, and output.

“work smarter, not harder”

They’re made with both natural and artificial ingredients that improve cognitive function, allowing you to tackle to-do lists, study guides, presentations, or just a regular day with ease. (more…)

The Top 5 Energy Drinks [2020 Update]

Energy drinks might just be the next best revitalizing beverage known to mankind since the discovery of coffee.

The brand new, “2020 approved” energy drink rankings have finally arrived.

While our top choice remains the same, the rest of the rankings have shuffled around since last year.

They have refreshing carbonation to quench your thirst and they’re loaded with vitamins and natural extracts to help unleash your mind’s optimal mental focus and cognitive abilities (like a nootropic). (more…)