The Top 5 Essential Oil Diffusers [2022 Update]

Essential oil diffusers are “steaming” hot in popularity as more and more people discover the many benefits of essential oils.

The results are out.

The 2022 up-to-date rankings for the top essential oil diffusers on the market have been released.

With essential oil popularity through the roof, people are in need of quality essential oil diffusers that can withstand hours and hours of continuous therapeutic misting.


The Top 5 Energy Drinks [2022 Update]

Energy drinks might just be the next best revitalizing beverage known to mankind since the discovery of coffee.

The brand new, “2022 approved” energy drink rankings have finally arrived.

While our top choice remains the same, the rest of the rankings have shuffled around since last year.

They have refreshing carbonation to quench your thirst and they’re loaded with vitamins and natural extracts to help unleash your mind’s optimal mental focus and cognitive abilities (like a nootropic). (more…)