Calcium supplements help you hit your recommended daily calcium numbers – they help strengthen your teeth and bones, promote heart health, regulate blood pressure, and more.

Most people don’t get enough calcium from their daily diet alone. Taking a calcium supplement is the easiest and most affordable solution.

Calcium supplements are a great way to help keep your bones and teeth strong by making sure you hit your daily calcium goals.

Would you pay a few extra dollars per week to experience stronger teeth and bones and ensure adequate calcium nutrition? Taking too much calcium can be a bad thing, but most people don’t even come close.

So how do calcium supplements work and are they really worth it?

We’ll cover this, along with the benefits, possible side effects, and details on how to take calcium supplements.

Before we get there, we’ve ranked the best calcium supplements, according to price, product quality, and customer reviews.

So what’s the overall best calcium supplement in 2020?

1- NEW CHAPTER Bone Strength Take Care


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NEW CHAPTER Bone Strength Take Care is a plant-sourced, whole food calcium supplement that also contains fermented vitamin D3, vitamin K2, magnesium, and 70+ whole food trace minerals for premium bone health, making it our #1 recommended calcium supplement.

This unique blend promotes bone strength, joint flexibility (for the best joint support supplements click here), and heart health. It even helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Unlike most calcium supplements that are sourced from limestone, Bone Strength Take Care is sourced from plants. What’s the big deal?

According to NEW CHAPTER, the manufacturer:

“Simple, rock-based calcium has a flat, basic architecture and lacks many other bone-supportive nutrients. Bone Strength Take Care is different. Plant-sourced and porous, this calcium is part of an intricate matrix of minerals that are organized in a natural honeycomb structure. For holistic bone health, it delivers whole-food calcium, magnesium and multiple other trace minerals. NEW CHAPTER also adds a proprietary blend of Vitamins K2 and D3 to help your body absorb calcium properly and effectively.”

The slim, easy-to-swallow tablets are slow releasing for optimum absorption throughout the day.

This product is 100% non-GMO, gluten free, and vegetarian friendly – meaning free of eggs, nuts, fish, shellfish, dairy products, animal byproducts, and synthetic binders and fillers.

Serving size: 3 tablets. Servings per container: 40 servings.

2- Vitafusion Calcium


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Vitafusion Calcium is a gummy vitamin supplement made specifically for calcium and bone health.

It’s probably the tastiest calcium supplement on the market, and the gummies are perfect for people always on-the-go or who don’t like swallowing pills.

From vitafusion, the manufacturer:

“Indulge in a delicious calcium treat. A fusion of essential nutrients and natural fruit and cream flavors, two vitafusion Calcium gummies provide an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D. Each serving supports bone health with 500 mg of calcium and 1,000 IU of Vitamin D.”

Serving size: 2 gummies. Servings per container: 50 servings.

3- Vitamin Code RAW Calcium


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Vitamin Code RAW Calcium is a potent blend of ingredients that support overall bone health.

What’s so unique about these guys?

Garden of Life, the manufacturer, has an answer:

“Using a patented form of marine algae known as algas calcareas.sp which is ecologically harvested off the pristine shores of remote South America, this is the only raw, organic, pure plant form of calcium that Garden of Life has ever found.”

The unique blend of Vitamin Code RAW Calcium includes:

  • 386 mg of magnesium for bone strength
  • a probiotic and enzyme blend for digestive support
  • 73 natural occurring (from plants) minerals and trace elements such as silica, boron, vanadium and strontium

This organic calcium supplement also includes 1600IU vitamin D3 for 80% increased calcium absorption. Oh, and 100 mcg Vitamin K2 MK7 from natto, another important factor in bone health.

This product is 100% vegetarian, organic, gluten free, and dairy free with no binders or fillers.

Serving size: 4 capsules. Servings per container: 30 servings.

4- Nature’s Bounty Calcium


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Nature’s Bounty Calcium is one of the most powerful calcium supplements on the market. It has a whopping 1200 mg of calcium per serving.

It’s one of the best selling calcium supplements on with over 600 positive reviews with a 4.5 star average. Safe to say, people love this product.

This supplement comes in a fast absorbing softgel capsule and contains mainly two components – calcium and vitamin D3.

Here’s why, according to Nature’s Bounty:

“Together, calcium and vitamin D are a potent vitamin and mineral combination that promotes bone health. Calcium is the primary mineral responsible for strong, healthy bones, and vitamin D helps with calcium absorption. Together they are vital to mineralization: the process by which your cells synthesize new bones. Adequate calcium throughout life, as part of a well-balanced diet, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

These softgels provide a high-potency source of vitamin D3 to help maintain neuromuscular health—the combination of the nervous system and the muscles working together. Vitamin D3 aids with calcium absorption, and also helps support healthy immune system function.”

Ingredients: Soybean Oil, Gelatin, Vegetable Glycerin, Soy Lecithin. Contains 2% of: Beeswax, Sorbitol, Titanium Dioxide Color.

Serving size: 2 softgels. Servings per container: 100 servings.

5- Naturo Sciences BONE STRENGTH


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Naturo Sciences BONE STRENGTH is a premium calcium supplement that contains more than just your typical calcium content.

What separates BONE STRENGTH from the rest of the crowd?

Here’s what Naturo Sciences has to say:

“Naturo Sciences Bone Strength is an advanced bone and joint health formula that contains three powerful proprietary blends. 1. Aquamin ®: Aquamin ® is a multi-mineral marine complex contains 74 beneficial trace minerals. 2. MK-7: MK-7 is a “trifecta” of three powerful ingredients – calcium, vitamin D3, and vitamin K2. Most people have never heard about vitamin K2. Combining vitamin K2 with vitamin D3 may be beneficial. 3. FruiteX-B®: FruiteX-B® is fast acting support formula that’s the first of its kind to contain calcium fructoborate.

This important ingredient has recently been proven to be more effective than glucosamine and chondroitin combined. Nautro Sciences Bone Strength is the latest breakthrough in optimal bone and joint supplementation. The ingredients in Naturo Sciences Bone Strength make it the most comprehensive formula today!”

Ingredients: Vitamin C, VItamin D, Vitamin K, Calcium, Magnesium, Xinc, Copper, Manganese, Afuamin, calcium fructoborate, Bromelain, Boswellia standardized extract, turmeric, hyaluronic acid, Michrocrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, croscamellose sodium, coating, magnesium stearate and silica.

Serving size: 3 tablets. Servings per container: 40 servings.

What are calcium supplements?

Calcium is a mineral naturally found in foods and plays a number of important roles in your body.

Necessary for the building and strengthening of bones, calcium also helps in regulating blood pressure and contributes to better brain efficiency.

Your body can’t make calcium on its own, so it’s essential that your daily diet contains adequate amounts in order to stay healthy. Most people find it convenient to simply take a daily calcium supplement so they don’t have to worry about calcium content in their meals or meal replacement shakes.

Calcium supplements are designed to deliver concentrated doses of calcium. Usually offered in the form of a pill or capsule (although powdered calcium is gaining popularity with the trend of homemade workout shakes), calcium supplements are a great way to make sure that you are getting plenty of calcium, regardless of what you eat.

According to National Institute of Health, healthy adults should shoot for 1000+ mg of calcium every day (1).

(Most calcium supplements generally contain 500-1000 mg of calcium per serving, so achieving your daily calcium requirement shouldn’t be too difficult.)

What are the benefits of calcium supplements?

Most people only associate calcium with bone health.

Calcium actually has a lot more benefits than this, ranging from reducing the risk of colon cancer and kidney stones to preventing osteoporosis (2).

If you are experiencing symptoms of calcium deficiency, taking a daily calcium supplement might be all you need. Calcium supplements are the ultimate solution for treating symptoms of calcium deficiency and you don’t even need a prescription.

It is important to remember that calcium:

  • is essential for stronger bones
  • strengthens and protects your teeth
  • helps maintain optimal body weight
  • helps regulate blood pressure
  • protects the heart and cardiac muscles
  • regulates PH levels (like chamomile and camu camu)
  • helps maintain healthy gums
  • lessens symptoms of PMS
  • improves the transportation of nutrients throughout your body

Calcium supplements also have been used to prevent side effects of hypocalcaemia, a disease that affects hundreds of thousands of people every year (3).

What are the side effects of calcium supplements?

When taken as instructed, calcium supplements generally do not produce any major side effects.

In a few rare cases, some people experienced side effects of headache, muscle pain, nausea, drowsiness, constipation and dry mouth. If you take any other medications or supplements, you should probably consult with your doctor first to avoid side effects from mixing certain ingredients. 

Do not take calcium supplements in higher quantities than recommended by your doctor. Hypercalcemia, a condition where your body has too much calcium, can have very serious negative side effects.

Calcium is generally safe when taken during pregnancy and breast-feeding, provided the recommended dosage is followed.

People that have high levels of phosphate in the blood or even low levels of phosphate in the blood should consult with their doctors before taking a calcium supplement. Your calcium and phosphate levels have to be in balance, taking too much calcium can throw your balance off and harm your body.

For those that have hypothyroidism or an under-active thyroid, separate at least four hours between your thyroid medications and calcium (because it can interfere with thyroid treatment).

How to take calcium supplements?

Recommended daily intake of calcium varies according to your age and gender, but generally 1000 mg is needed for optimal health.

There is really no ideal time of the day to take the supplements. However, it is recommended that you take them separately from your multivitamins, as calcium is known to interfere with the absorption of iron (check out the top ranked multivitamin supplements for men and women). 


If you are worried that might not be getting enough calcium in your diet every day, taking a calcium supplement is definitely something to consider.

You can add up all the calcium content between your meals, but chances are, you aren’t reaching the targeted 1000+ mg per day.

Check out the rankings at the top of the page to see which calcium supplement is the best fit for you.

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