Here’s our “new and improved” version of the best beef protein supplements on the market right now in 2022.

Beef…in your protein powder?

Yep, but don’t worry it won’t taste like a ground beef smoothie.

Beef protein powder is becoming one of the hottest supplements on the market as many athletes and fitness-minded individuals are replacing their old whey protein drinks with beef.

So is it really worth the hype and is beef protein better than whey protein?

Well, most beef protein supplements contain zero added sugars, where most whey protein supplements contain anywhere between 5-25 grams per serving (1).

Also, beef protein digests in your stomach instead of your intestines like whey protein. Without the extra sugars and fats, beef is a much more absorbable protein.

If you’re looking for a low-sugar protein powder for lean muscle building, beef protein is one of your best choices.

There are particular benefits to beef protein that have made it a preferred supplement for athletes and bodybuilders across the world.

Before we break down the science behind beef protein and how it works, here’s a list of the best beef protein supplements on the market, according to price, customer reviews, and product quality.

So who is our top choice for 2020?

And the winner is…

1- MuscleMeds CARNIVOR Beef Protein


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With 400+ customer reviews on Amazon and a 4.5 star rating, MuscleMeds CARNIVOR has earned our #1 ranking for the best beef protein supplement on the market.

A bioengineered beef protein isolate that is 350% more concentrated than steak makes CARNIVOR scary effective. It comes packed with creatine and BCAAs for increased anabolism, or constructive metabolism, helping you shed stored fat, build muscle faster and healthier, and not feel as sore after a workout.

This beef protein supplement also contains an innovative “Anabolic Nitrogen Retention Technology” that allows your body to recycle amino acids and reduce toxic metabolic by-products. This supports increased growth and muscle mass and will even increase the intensity of your workout.

Chocolate is the flavor but it’s sugar free. 23g of protein and 120 calories per serving, 56 servings in the container.

2- pureWOD BUILD Beef Protein Isolate 


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The most organic beef protein supplement on the market, hands down.

BUILD is made from grass-fed, free range, non-GMO cows that are 100% hormone and antibiotic free. Loaded with gelatin, collagen, and other healthy micronutrients found in grass fed beef for improved ligament and joint health.

Comes in a tasty chocolate flavor, although it is sweetened with stevia and coco powder instead of sugar. Get a full serving of beef in each scoop without any added chemicals or artificial substances.

This product is free of dairy, gluten, soy, artificial flavors, colors, fillers, and preservatives of any kind. It’s also a Paleo approved protein supplement.

24 g of protein and 100 calories per serving, 30 servings in the container.

3- Julian Bakery PALEO PROTEIN


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Known as the “powdered beef jerky that tastes like fudge” supplement, Julian Bakery’s PALEO PROTEIN is one of the best selling brands of beef protein powder on the market.

Made from grass-fed beef that have been tested free of both antibiotics and hormones. It’s sweetened with organic stevia leaves, keeping the supplement sugar free. 100% Paleo approved and easy mixing which makes it great for baked goods and smoothies.

Besides beef protein isolate, this product also contains coco powder, chocolate and vanilla extract, stevia, and sea salt.

Gluten free, soy free, and low carb (2 carbs per serving). 25 g of protein and 108 calories per serving, 30 servings in the container.

4- Equip Prime Protein

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One of the newer and most popular beef protein supplements on Amazon, Equip has made their way to the top as a beef protein preferred choice.

This bag of beef protein powder contains 30 servings, and each serving is equivalent to the nutrition of 4 oz of grass-fed beef.

The mix contains about 70% muscle meat and 30% collagen and gelatin, similar to an actual cow.

Similar to bone broth protein, this protein powder supports leaky gut.

It’s got just three ingredients; coco powder, stevia extract, and beef protein.

This is PALEO APPROVED and free of milk and lactose.

5- MHP IsoPrime Beef Protein


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If you’ve ever gotten tired of the same old taste of your protein shake, MHP IsoPrime would be a great alternative to try.

The flashy supplement is known for its bold flavor, and it seems that customers love it.

Packed with 25 grams of protein per serving and hydrolyzed for fast absorption. MHP beef protein is concentrated with amino acids making it great for athletes, bodybuilders, and trainers.

Absolutely zero: fats, sugars, lactose, gluten, and cholesterol.

Comes in these flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and vanilla caramel (naturally and artificially flavored)

28 servings in the 1.73 pound tub

What is beef protein?

Beef protein is almost always compared to whey protein because they both offer almost the same benefits and purpose. Although the two are pretty similar, there are some unique differences in the ingredients and how the protein is utilized that separate beef protein from whey protein. 

Most of the top whey protein supplements you see on the market contain around 5 grams of sugar per 100 gram serving (about 5%), compared to the most popular beef protein supplements which are usually sugar-free or at most, contain very minimal amounts.

The benefits of beef protein is not just in the sugar content, but also in saturated fat levels too. Usually, whey protein supplements contain around 2-4 grams of sat fat (2), while beef supplements usually only have traces of saturated fat or are completely fat-free.

One great thing to keep in mind about beef protein is that the proteins are completely digested in the stomach. This makes it very easy to digest and helps avoid any swelling or bloating.

Many people prefer the quality of beef protein over whey because most beef protein supplements are formulated with further enriched vitamins and minerals (some of the same vitamins found in both men’s and women’s daily multivitamins). If there were such thing as a “premium” protein shake, it would probably start with beef protein.  

What are the benefits?

Beef protein accomplishes everything whey protein can, beef just does it better, in certain aspects. With beef protein supplements, you can gain all the nutritional benefits of eating beef without actually having to eat a chunk of meat.

Beef protein also tends to have high amino acid and creatine contents, helping you build muscle faster and not feel as sore after workouts. 

Athletes and bodybuilders are more likely to reap the most benefits of beef protein.

Typically, high levels of protein are required in the diets of athletes and bodybuilders to help them with hard core training. At the same time, athletes and bodybuilders tend to stay away from sugar. This makes beef protein a favorite solution to gain adequate levels of protein without added sugars and sat fats. 

Athletes and bodybuilders aren’t the only ones that benefit from beef protein, though. Those that are anorexic, bulimic, or simply getting old can benefit from beef protein because it also helps with preventing degenerative diseases.

Beef protein supplements are also highly recommended for those who are trying to cut down on red meat consumption, yet still want to salvage all the great benefits that beef can offer.

What are the side effects?

Most of the side effects connected to use of beef protein supplements are due to overdosing or overusing it.

With any type of protein, consuming too much might fuel weight gain. Excessive protein in the body can convert calories into sugar, turning into stored fat. Consuming too much protein also means that your body needs to remove more nitrogen waste products from your blood, which takes a toll on your kidneys and colon over time. 

Too much protein can also bump the sugar levels in your body. Increase in sugar levels can feed pathogenic bacteria and yeast such as candida albicans, and this can even fuel cancer cell growth.

Be aware that too much protein can result in an altering effect on an important biochemical pathway in your brain known as the mammalian target of the rapamycin, or mTOR (3). The mTOR provides huge role in many cancers, thus monitoring protein intake to the right amount your body needs will inhibit these problems.

Remember that before you take any new supplements, seeking advice from your doctor is highly recommended. While you want to take advantage of everything that supplements can offer, you also want to make sure that they are taken in the right amount and frequencies. 


Beef protein supplements are your best solution to make sure you are getting premium daily protein nutrition.

If you would like to buy beef protein, take a look at our rankings at the top of the page, or if you’re a guy, you can check out the rankings for the overall best protein powder for men.

We’ve ranked the best beef protein supplements on the market according to price, customer reviews, and product quality to save you the hassle of doing the research yourself.

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