The Top 5 Raspberry Ketone Supplements of 2017

Raspberry ketones, such an iconic natural weight loss ingredient.

While raspberry ketone supplements have been around for years, they continue to thrive as one of the most popular supplements for weight loss in 2017.

Raspberry ketone supplements have helped a lot of people burn a lot of fat.

People love using safe, natural products that come from fruits and vegetables for weight loss.

Raspberry ketones are no exception. They are known for being potent and affordable, and have a reputation for actually helping people lose weight.

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The list below ranks the best raspberry ketone supplements according to customer reviews, product quality, and pricing. Then, part two breaks down exactly what raspberry ketones are and how they work.

So what’s the best raspberry ketone supplement of 2017?

1- naturewise RASPBERRY KETONES Plus+


Lowest price on Amazon

With an impressive 4-star customer satisfaction rate on Amazon and a best seller among top brands in the industry, NatureWise has earned our #1 recommended raspberry ketone supplement.

Naturewise’s formula combines raspberry ketones with a proprietary blend of compounds and antioxidants, including resveratrol, African mango seed extract, green tea extract, cayenne, acai, and organic kelp. 

Third party tested using ISO 17025 third party laboratories to ensure that every bottle of Raspberry Ketones Plus+ meets the highest standards for quality and safety.

Naturewise also prides themselves with exceptional customer service. “Our customers gain access to our team of highly trained service professionals, available to help with questions about any of our health products.”

No fillers. No Binders. Just potent raspberry ketones.

Each capsule contains 400mg of raspberry ketones and there are 120 capsules in a bottle. $19 per bottle on Amazon Prime.

Buy NatureWise Ketones on Amazon

2- FRESH Healthcare Pure Raspberry Ketones


Lowest price on Amazon

This pure raspberry ketone supplement contains 180 capsules, each packing 1000mg of ketones.

The ketones promote healthy weight loss by shrinking fat cells in your body. 4 stars on Amazon and only $19 for the bottle. A relatively new brand in the raspberry ketone space but certainly becoming a favorite among many with over 200 positive customer reviews.

Note: This supplement doesn’t contain any other additives, just pure raspberry ketones.

Buy FRESH Healthcare Ketones on Amazon

3- Nature’s Way Red Raspberry Leaves


Lowest price on Amazon

Packed with a whopping 450 mg of raspberry ketones per capsule, Nature’s Way Red Raspberry Leaves are known for their potency.

With a 4.5 star rating on Amazon and only $10 for 100 capsules, this particular product is a top choice for raspberry ketone supplements on the market.

One of the more affordable raspberry ketone options, but a simple option at that.

You won’t get a lot of the other natural ingredients found in other leading brands, but if you’re just looking for the ketones alone, it’s a great choice.

Buy Red Raspberry Leaves on Amazon

4- Dynamic Health Raspberry Ketones Complete


Lowest price on Amazon

This product contains many other natural fat burning ingredients aside from raspberry ketones.

Other ingredients include African mango which has been scientifically proven to burn more fat, acai berries, a powerful antioxidant and effective for weight loss, apple cider vinegar which helps break down fat cells, and resveratrol which is known to increase metabolism.

This isn’t your cheapest option, but you definitely get a lot more nutrition with the added natural ingredients that ketones alone cannot offer.

Buy Dynamic Health Ketones on Amazon

5- Raspberry Ketone ULTRA 500


Lowest price on Amazon

This brand of raspberry ketones contains an impressive 500mg of raspberry ketones in each capsule.

Raspberry Ketone Ultra 500 claims to burn fat with no side effects and has similar ingredients to other raspberry supplements such as African mango extract, green tea extract, acai fruit, caffeine anhydrous, kelp, apple cider vinegar powder and grapefruit powder.

While it may appear as a simple ketone supplement, it’s loaded with healthy additives.

One of the more extreme supplements as far as potency, we wouldn’t recommend for first-time users.

Buy Raspberry Ketone ULTRA on Amazon

What are raspberry ketones?

Raspberry ketones are primarily found in raspberries, but other fruits contain ketones as well.

Aside from being found in weight loss products, raspberry ketones can also be found in food as a flavoring and fragrance agent and even used in cosmetics.

In addition to this, raspberry ketones contain a substance similar to synephrine (1) which is often marketed as a powerful weight loss supplement.

They also promote increased metabolic rates, support normal and healthy appetites and support enhancement of energy.

When you take raspberry ketone supplements, it’s common that you eat less and burn more calories with regular exercise and a healthy diet. That’s because ketones are natural and will help you lose weight without having to experience the harsh side effects of synthetic diet compounds.

How do raspberry ketone supplements work?

Raspberry ketone supplements increase the nonadrenaline-induced fat loss. It works through lipase (2), an enzyme that is responsible for freeing fatty acids from the fat cell during the process of fat utilization.

Once you have taken raspberry ketones, a level of lipase are increased in the body and therefore increases the rate of fatty acid release.

In addition, raspberry ketones are similar in structure to capsaicin (3) which can be found in chili peppers and cayenne peppers and helps boost metabolism. Raspeberry ketone supplements can help enhance the fat burning process and can reduce the fatty tissue in the body.

The compound found in this particular supplement helps produce a hormone which helps break down fat cells faster, especially in the liver.

This results to users losing weight faster. They work by eliminating fat storage in your body and enhancing your metabolism. It prevents obesity by altering the metabolism of fat.

The compound in this supplement helps enhance the adiponectin protection of the body which then regulates metabolism and breaks down fats.

Most raspberry ketone supplements can deliver visible results in as little as two weeks. To get the maximum effectiveness of this supplement, it is important that proper dosage is understood and followed.

This supplement is recommended to be taken once or twice a day with meals and dosage is between 100mg and 200mg daily. Ideally, you can take raspberry ketones once a day, preferably after breakfast but you can increase this to 200mg daily, taken at breakfast and lunch depending on your weight loss goal.

What are the possible side effects of raspberry ketones?

There has never been a scientific study performed on humans to determine the side effects of this supplement, however some users have reported some side effects that they have experienced.

Raspberry ketones supplements are generally safe but some users could experience increased blood pressure, jitteriness, palpitations, and increased heartbeat.

It is also believed that raspberry ketone supplements can be harmful to patients that have chronic conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, high blood pressure and asthma.

The compound in this supplement could boost norepinephrine production (4) which can cause high blood pressure and may be harmful to the nervous system.

Raspberry ketones are made with synephrine which has been reported as cause of jitteriness which can also lead to insomnia.

If you have diabetes, make sure to consult your doctor first before taking this supplement as it may lower your blood sugar levels and decrease the risk of bleeding.

Expectant and breastfeeding mothers, people suffering from chronic conditions and high blood pressure are not advised to take this supplement.


Stay away from dangerous weight loss chemicals and feel safe about losing weight with raspberries.

If you are trying to lose weight in a healthy manner, raspberry ketones are the way to go.

They’re powerful, fast-acting, and natural.

Check the best raspberry ketone supplements on the market ranked at the top of this page.

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